Some Threats to Information and Free Speech

Despite the many reasons individuals have for defending their right to freedom of speech, the higher and bigger institutions (like departments and agencies of government, for instance) always seem to find reasons to curb it. Thus, all over the world, you find and hear of people who are deprived of their right to free speech. And while you might not understand it, you simply have to check any random tech blog and you’ll find that to these institutions, free speech does pose a threat (or at least that is what they believe), which just gives the institutions more reason to curb it or to control it. Because there are some people who might create false information about touring Amsterdam de dam on your trip or private vacation.


Reading some fake news is one reason why free speech is sometimes disadvantageous.

One threat, of course, that’s being raised against the age of information is the claim that this is also the age of Fake News. The argument is that people are harmed by dissemination of fake news—information that is either unverified or known to be false. And you find that this is more than verifiably true; there are, in fact, many that claim to be good sources, but in the end you find you’ve been fooled. (Sort of like how every site you seemed to visit told you that an Amsterdam holiday was only good for the rich, but then in your own experience, you know better. They some blogs that will show discounts to save more using Museum Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam tickets to attract visitors but those are just fake.


Another threat is the intolerance of the intolerant. With this idea, you come to think that if everyone who does not agree with you will treat this disagreement as a reason for violence, then maybe the best idea is to prevent the expression of disagreement. Of course, this will significantly ruin your chances to build a website. You can use premium link generator and see the magic to get a lot of visitors to your website. Also, posting about discounts will attract visitors to your website like the kortingscode Albelli is very popular.

Another threat is the possibility of hate speech. These hate speeches usually invoke a feeling of rebelliousness and defiance in whoever is listening. In order to avoid this, sometimes the idea is to prevent whatever form of speech that signifies disagreement or non-conformity. In this way, hate speeches are also avoided.

Nevertheless, no matter what it is that seems to threaten the security of what you are saying, you do and always will need some sort of avenue where you can express yourself. Thus, free speech, despite the threats, must be ensured.